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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Guilt Corrupted

I've released a new novella called "Guilt Corrupted".  It's about half a novel's length.

Guilt Corrupted is a story of a guy stuck in the middle of warring gods.  The poor guy gets his faith pounded in when he learns that everything he's been raised up believing might be wrong.  So yeah, explosions, magic lightning, torture and killing gods, all the good fantasy stuff.

I'm testing out the waters for Amazon Select, but from what I hear it's not been worth it.

Anyway.  Today there is a 1-day freebie giveaway.  Hope you catch it in time.


Oh, and brief update.  Murder Genes has gotten great visibility from the free promo earlier.  It worked pretty good as far as I can tell, my sales have thus far increased about 10-15x.  As expected, most the reviews are very polar.  Either you love it or you hate it.   Unfortunately, the majority of negative reviews are from people who didn't finish it or get past the first whatever pages due to gore.  That's frustrating because the depth of the novel comes in later--explaining why the gore was necessary, and to be honest.  What did they expect?  I named it murder genes, I warned about the gore in the description, I put author notes up warning about the content, and ever single review talks about the content!  If they want to give me a negative review for the violence because they don't like blood and guts...why'd they pick it up in the first place?

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